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Keeping Skype away for sometime in OSX

This is a small AppleScript for keeping Skype in DND mode during lecturing or giving a talk and automatically put it back. It accepts the number of minutes from command line, sends Skype in DND and then at the end put it back online.  The snippets at the beginning and end can be used to manually controlling the status via command line. The accepted options are "AWAY/OFFLINE/DND/ONLINE".

onrundurationmintellapplication"Skype"sendcommand"SET USERSTATUS DND"scriptname"My Script"endtellsetdurationsectodurationmin*60setstartTimetocurrent datedelaydurationsecsetelapsedTimeto ((current date) -startTime) tellapplication"Skype"sendcommand"SET USERSTATUS ONLINE"scriptname"My Script"endtellendrun

Swissknife tool for ONI files

The ONI file format is the mechanism provided by OpenNI for supporting the recording of videos from RGB-D cameras. This format is generally designed to support multiple compressed streams among which color and depth are the most important. Inside ROS the rosbag fulfils most the data recording and playback needs, but outside ROS the OpenNI is a valuable tools for dealing with RGB-D videos.

Starting from a simple tool for fixing truncated ONI files, I have prepared a more general Python-based tool for manipulating ONI files, motivated by the needs of our research activity and limitations in the C++ API. Some of the features are in common with video editing while others are more specific to the 3D nature of the stream: Filtering: removal of the depth or color channelCutting the file in a given rangeTime Manipulation: rescaling of the time, insertion of duplicate frames or dropping framesExtraction of the Color channel as MJPEG video or the depth as PNG images (16-bit depth)Registration of…