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Article about my SW Development Errors

I've posted in my Wiki an article about devlopment errors, and mis developed applications by me. Maybe it could be interesting in a perspective of recent history of software.

The article is here

Synchronization of your Wikis

I've written a simple batch file using wget and curl to synchronize two wikis running MediaWiki (Wikipedia). I use phpMyAdmin to export and to reload the database in SQL. One of the two wikis is local and the other is remote and it requires a login phase. Anyway it's an interesting use of wget and curl (I need to use cur to upload a file using POST).

The next step is to provide a link in the Wiki itself where it's possible to download the current SQL, maybe without using phpMyAdmin.

See here
This is a small entry from the Gaim-Blogger an interesting extension to Gaim that allows to post
directly into Blogger by using the XMLRPC interface. I think that is useful but not for long posts,
anyway you can find it here.

By the way I'm thinking to move my blog to my website Teslacore by using the Blogger Serendipity
that offers categories and image manager.

How much Open Source is an Application?

With the spreading of Open Source libraries it's possible to build very powerful application both commercial and open source. While I was looking at the new features of MATLAB 7 I was thinking about how much open source is in that, and I've discovered that's a LOT!

So I've decided to analyze some applications around, both commercial and not, to discover the common used components and present these raltion by using a graph

You can find the full article and more details here

Love for Movies

We've started the preparation of a videography of movies about Virtual Reality and Robotics, the idea, started by Marcello and supported by me, is to identify the movies relative to these topics, and highlight the clips that are more significant.

You can explore the videography here

Unluckly there is no standard way to specify timings inside a movie, but whenever is possible I've put the timing for the DVD and eventually a snapshot (is it legal?)

My Favourite Firefox Extensions

This is a small list of my favourite Firefox Extensions that you can download from here:

Mozilla Update

I've divided my favourite extensions in two parts, user and developer.
AutoCopy to copy text as in X11 just by selectingAdblock to remove boring flash adsCopy Plain Text useful to copy an html block just as textScribe to save forms valuesFiler
ScrapBook to save pages
Live HTTP Headers analyzes the
WebDeveloper a must for inspecting web pagescuneAForm an HTML editor Enjoy Firefox