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Five years of SKILLS in Computing 2006-2011

Since the end of 2006 I've participated to the 5 year European Integrated Project SKILLS ( that this December is going to end with the SKILLS 2011 Conference ( The duration of this project and the effort applied mark the end of this period as important to me. This made me think. So what happened to computing in the last 5 years? Some of our design decision in the project could have been changed by current technology or by trends correctly interpreted?
Yes, many things happened in computing and technology in the last five years, let's try to look at them starting from the most interesting to programmers. The idea is to highlight what happened and quantitatively show how things changed.

Graph of Programming Language Tools

For some time I have collected a list of programming tools that are able to translate one language to another or convert from different types of bytecode. Now that the number of tools is quite interesting and it increasing over time I've decided to represent this collection in graph form to showing the different steps that are possible.