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Playing with Python

I’ve started playing with Python using the amazing SCons tool as a substitute for Makefiles. It is an interesting tool that provides multiplatform features for compilation of C++ program and more tools for building other types of tools.
From SCons I moved to small Python utilities, like the Amazon’s S3 library, and finally I’ve found a way to make it useful for our Virtual Reality Engine called XVR. XVR is a scripting 3D engine that allows a fast development of 3D applications based on OpenGL and their deployment on the Web using a plugin for IE or Firefox. The XVR engine provides core functions for most 3D applications but sometimes the user would like to integrate existing software.
So I’ve created PYXVR an extension for XVR that allows to invoke all the XVR functions and develop the 3D applications using XVR. PYXVR will be presented at the EuroPython 2006 conference showing different aspects of the integration, like debugging, extension of XVR features and the use of the Stackless

C++ Generators

I've posted on a description of a technique that can be used to implement Generators in C++ with a yield statement equivalent to the one in Python or C# 2.0