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The road toward FUSE on Windows? Maybe WebDAV

The FUSE Filesystem in Userspace project has been recently on the news because of a new porting by a Googler called MacFUSE. For many users it could be interesting to have a Windows port, probably a natural question.

Update April 2012: one limitation of Dokan and other solution is that they are based on a Windows driver that requires administrative privileges for the setup. A possible alternative is a File Virtualization approach as the one provided by BoxedApp.

Update June 2011: on June 2008 arrived the first public release of Dokan Dokan is actually the best way to implement custom user space filesystems on Windows because it provides a solid driver that has many of the features of FUSE. It can be programmed in .NET or Java and it now supports reparse point for mounting such drives in any NTFS location. Many filesystems have been implemented
    The other onorable mention on this topic goes to Pismo Mount that although bein…