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Haptics as seen from Books

The last Haptic Symposium in Vancouver celebrated the 20 years of this conference and in that occasion Bernard Dov Adelstein provided an interesting historical talk about the evolution of the field. As a mean of presenting such an evolution along the years he employed Google N-Gram Viewer. This tool allows to search for the statistics of word occurrences in the large corpus of English books scanned by Google and covering a large set of whole published books. In this post I would like to share with you what can be understood by looking at such statistics.

The starting point is the term “haptic interface” that emerged when the first interfaces started to be recognized as something beyond robotics and tele-operation. It is well known that haptic interfaces emerged from the domain of teleoperation when it was clear that the slave could have been replaced by a computer generated model:

What is specifically interesting is the following comparison between haptic perception and the technologica…