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Drupal one Module after another

I have recently the need of updated a community website for an IEEE committee with the aim of strengthening the interaction among members and easing the dissemination of the activities on the domain. I've evaluated some content management systems like Word Press, Joomla and Drupal and then picked the last one because it seemed the one with the best extensibility capabilities. In particular there was one feature that I was not able to configure with the other two even by means of additional modules: defining additional fields for the registered user with the option of making some of these fields editable only by the administrator.

At this stage I've found that Drupal 7 is providing any function I need, and if, after a look at the configuration, something is missing there is a module that provides the required functionality.

The aim of this post is to provide an idea of the adopted modules and how they can help other people configuring a Drupal website. You can also check if th…